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Bluetooth Microcontroller Project

Launcher Mister C United States
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Electronic Engineering micro controller Embedded Programming Bluetooth


Brilliant electrical engineer wanted by Boston based start-up to help design a prototype Bluetooth product based on a TI CC2540 micro-controller. This is a flexible, part-time role that you can fit around your other work commitments.

Specification Seeking to build a prototype Bluetooth controlled proximity device. For the prototype the device can be controlled by a Bluetooth enabled PC or laptop. When the device leaves the vicinity of the PC or laptop (i.e. it loses Bluetooth connection), it vibrates. When it returns to the PC or laptop (and so regains connection) the vibration stops.

Key characteristics The device must be: - around the size of a wristwatch or smaller. - use little power when not vibrating.

Hardware The device will comprise: - Texas Instruments CC2540 VLE Bluetooth enabled microcontroller ( - Coin cell power supply, such as a CR1220 - Miniature dc motor such as

Your job will be to program the microcontroller using Code Composer Studio (or an equivalent IDE), and write any required software for the PC to manage the Bluetooth connection.

Interested? Email me with a description of your previous experience with any of the following: Embedded systems design Bluetooth microcontrollers Texas Instruments microcontrollers Code Composer Studio Working remotely (unless you are already in Boston) Please also tell me your hourly rate or suggest a fixed fee for this project.



Which microcontroller will be preferred for your application?

Asked by Metin Akın on Feb 17, 2013

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